Wulf Sorensen: Voice of our Ancestors Now Available

And now comes Sorensen's "Voice of our Ancestors." This interesting little tract comes from the middle of the 1930s in the lead-up to the rise of the third reich and the beginning of the second world war.

It shows the alienation of the traditionalists at the time and the rise of folkish mentalities- some of which were more vicious than others, just as leftist ideologies followed the same suit at the time in accordance with the alienation felt by the masses involved with such ideologies.

Sorensen, once thought to be Himmler, now known to be Frithjof Fischer, analyzes "Snow White" as a metaphor for and symbol of the rise of Rome and the bastardization of what he feels is a former, utopian or golden-age style Germanic culture by christianity and judaism, A worthy manifesto of sorts.