Work Begins on Sickness In Hell

It is finally that auspicious time at which a new work by yours truly joins the (rapidly growing) ranks of edited releases available here on this blog. "Sickness in Hell" is the name and splatterpunk is the game; think, "Morbid Stories" as one long work instead of multiple short stories.

Many years ago- almost a decade now- the rudiments of this novel began after I had a dream about eating a dehydrated fetus out of a wooden box full of dried apricots in a dilapidated, post-apocalyptic grocery store. After eating this strange sacrament (which I imagine must have been real in some other plane of existence) I became privy to looking beyond the psychological veil into a sort of weird hellish void full of depravity, death, terror, and perversion- and I enjoyed it.

The corpus of the writing is basically complete already. The first step is merely to delineate the chapters and write notes outlining the basic content, after which the story writes itself- when writing fiction, as opposed to nonfiction, I zone out and it becomes almost a form of automatic writing; I say almost, because I don't believe in actual channeling.

It's a novel-length work so it will take a bit of time, even if the twenty five original sections (technically chapters) are actually, technically, "done". Unfortunately, the resulting story jumped around and so I can only say that it is complete in a very technical sense.

The basic premise revolves around fungus capable of mutating DNA, factory farm contamination, Satan, and black magic. The entire work is the purest form of sickness and vile atrocity ever penned by a human being, and I take pride in the fact that a few people I showed some of the original sections got sick and began gagging.