Work Begins On 1790 Universal Fortune Teller of Mrs. Bridget

I have begun the editing process on the late 1700s Universal Fortune Teller; the forerunner of the 1860 work released by Tousey with the same title.

This version has an enormous astrological section which takes up about half the work and cuts palmistry down significantly. That being said, it's equally as good as Tousey's later version. However, it will take quite some time to edit; the manuscript is not easily legible and some content has to be inferred by context. Honestly, I prefer this older version as being more "original" within the convoluted interweaving of the "Oraculum x Fortune Teller" tradition.

I have completed and uploaded the files for both Agrippa's "Female Preeminence" and the Book of Tobit also, as both were short, quickly completed editions- they will both be available in the next two days.