Upcoming Materials, and Blog Announcement

In the near future, Basil Valentines' "Twelve Keys" will be available- this alchemical work of note is quite good, and in keeping with the original edition I have omitted the attractive but largely superfluous illustrations present in latter printings. Add to this Philalethes' work, which is available here and things are moving along quite smoothly. I haven't forgotten about Sickness In Hell either- I guarantee I will begin the process of stringing together prior material in the near future.

In blog related news, it's update time; and by update I mean that I set up the basic format, color, font, and design of this blog in a single afternoon long ago. I've already replaced the primitive header text with a banner and added two new links which you may have noticed at the left hand side of the page; respectively, to my occult informational series on Youtube (covering everything from cryptids and UFOs to philosophy and sex magick) and my occult literature series in which I briefly summarize and explain the content of the literary works I am releasing here on this selfsame blog. My Youtube audience is far, far larger than my dedicated literary following right now and it makes sense to blend my two main online presences together to expand the reach of all my workings.