Triple Update: Demoniality, Cultus Arborum, Sickness in Hell

Time for a short update; "Demoniality" has been completed; indeed, it would already be available, but I noticed a misspelling on the cover I designed and had to resubmit the work again; which means it won't be live until tonight. After the Latin and ads were taken out and the formerly gigantic trim size brought to modern standards, the work was 90 pages in length. It's certainly worth a read; it's at least as good as King James' Daemonologie.

Cultus Arborum is a breeze because it isn't in old English; I am now a third of the way through editing the work, and if you have any interest in strange myths, eastern spirituality, herbalism, antiquities, or the occult in general, this dense work has a little bit for everybody. Honestly I'm taking time out of editing just to read the work over several times because this is the sort of text I like best.

Chapter 10 of "Sickness in Hell" is now complete. Subsequent chapters will be steadily more deranged and grotesque- but as always I am restraining myself just enough to make sure there's an actual coherent plot. As such, this work is now more than half complete. Huzzah!