Three Works of Demonology For 2016

Because King James' Demonology has risen up so quickly in sales I have decided to expedite several other works on the topic of demonology and try to get a couple of them released before the end of the year alongside the work I need to do before Halloween; namely Sickness in Hell, Cultus Arborum, and the Greater Key of Solomon.

The first work is entitled "Demoniality" and was written in the 17th century by a "Father Sinistrari"- the work was translated from its original Latin in the 1870s, and is actually fairly short- which you wouldn't know looking at the nearly 300 page original; indeed, the typeface used and the fact that it combines, on every other page, the Latin original with the English, means that this work will probably be no more than 150 pages when properly completed. It ruminates on sex with corpses, Incubi and Succubi in general, stories related to the same, the nature of the Devil's Mark, witchery, and other related topics- it's quite good. I have already begun editing this particular manuscript.

The second is Robert Brown's "Demonology and Witchcraft." This work is substantially longer and was released in 1889. This is a much more christianized style of work than most I am used to editing but worthy nonetheless of inclusion into the growing occult catalog I'm fielding here.

The third is Walter Scott's "Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft." This 1830 work requires little explanation due to its general notoriety, suffice it to say it covers just about everything that could possibly be related to demons and witches. It is a substantially long work and will take quite a bit of time.