Three Works of Alchemy: Now Available!

Here are three short works of alchemy compiled together, for the purpose of length; each one was too short to release on its own. That being said, it's one of the most significant possible triplicities of alchemical lore that could possibly be released at all.

It contains "The Immortal Liquor Alkahest" of Philalethes, "Everburning Lights" by Trithemius, and "Philosophic Fire" by Pontanus. Philalethes' work, in the form of question and answer, spells out what alkahest is, where it comes from, and how to obtain it (namely, from human blood and urine.) Trithemius' work is ascribed to him but was made later, containing the simplistic backstory that Trithemius gave a scrip to someone whom the author met with, discovering the secret of creating phosphorescent lamps which could give off light for thousands of years. The third text, by Pontanus, is itself a key of alchemy- namely because it is the only text to tell the reader the nature of alchemical fire and where to research it (specifically, they are recommended to read Artephius' work.) With these three texts combined, alchemy becomes substantially easier to understand.

26 pages.