The Witches' Pharmacopoeia: Now Available!

And now at last we come to a great milestone in the catalog of works I have authored or edited; the 100th occult release (counting a half a dozen of my own works) and the first herbal/homeopathic work here, technically speaking; the very good "Witches Pharmacopoeia" by Robert Fletcher, who combines the Shakespearean with the burning times herbal and cauldron-stirring lore

This booklet is line after line of not only herbal inclusions into magick but contains also some brief coverage of other diabolical work; especially as it relates to the boiling of unbaptized infants or the use of hanged man fat in potions and rituals. You will probably know the latter best from the use of the Hand of Glory.

This work along with "Magic Plants" will be placed in a new ninth category for herbal, homeopathic, and medicine-related works as soon as at least two additional titles are available that would fit therein; likely the South Sea Herbal and "Weeds as Medicine." It will go under the Academic heading until the new category is crafted.

40 pages.