The Time Has Come: Most Titles to Become Available via Kindle

As people may have seen, shipping times on Amazon have become completely insane; I bought a book a couple days ago, and the expected shipping time is in late April.

The current pandemic has turned people into fearful slaves, and unfortunately those of us still awake have no choice but to play along, in order to make ends meet.

As such, I have begun exporting my paperback files to digital. There is, of course, no wait time on delivery for these ebook sales; ebooks are inferior to paperbacks in most ways; a paperback does not magically go away because of a power outage or because some tech firm asserted proprietary rights over your book on its device because you are suspected of wrongthink for political reasons.

However it is clear that if I am to continue into this dark age, which has now grown darker due to human ignorance and the willingness of people to allow governments to do dumb things in the name of progress, or pandemic control, I have no option but to finally move titles to digital.

It will take several weeks. I have moved all my authored works already but it takes a couple days to process.