The Occult Basis of ASMR: Second Edition Coming Soon

Once I realized that the little manuscript I penned regarding ASMR as it related to the occult realm was actually being digested by more readers by far than some of the grimoires I have edited over time, I decided that it was high time to improve its format (and, dare I say, primitive cover art) and add new material which I have amalgamated on the subject on my slow journey through occult literature.

It's not that the original work is wrong or lacks content- quite the opposite, it seems to have been remarkably well received, but since I released it I have made my way through several dozen new works, and that only includes those that I chose to release in editions. That doesn't even come close to the number of works on the occult and in the occult that I've read as research and for my own interest that are more recent or which I haven't edited yet.

I've already proofread and reformatted the work into a better condition- several new sections and a prelude to the second, edited version will be added, as well as perhaps a section of notes, possibly including a laundry list of occult works which have some relation to the topic of autonomous sensory meridian response. Since at least two new segments have to be added it will be somewhat longer than before, which I imagine will be welcomed by those who wanted a bit more meat on the bones to flesh the core idea out.

I have other updates coming down the pipeline also; I'll be releasing an edition of the famous Trinosophia among other things.