The Greater Key of Solomon: Now Available!

The Greater Key of Solomon is one of about five grimoires of extreme import; along with the Grand Grimoire, Lemegeton, Black Pullet, and Arbatel. This work, which is technically a reworked compilation from seven distinct Solomonic, Renaissance-era manuscripts translated by Samuel Mathers at the end of the 1800s, is one of the longest and most in depth occult works that actually expresses the goal of being physically used for magickal rites.

The work is quite long for a spellbook; page after page of dense material, combining experimental rites related to invisibility and conjuring, with talismanic art as in depth as that of the Black Pullet. Altogether, while Mathers' work here is less diabolical than the Lemegeton, it is no less important. If an occultist desires a great deal of elaborate ceremony; this is the work for them. In one slightly diabolical turn it suggests that unborn parchment (made from the fetuses of dead pregnant animals) is useful for various rites.

This edition was additionally illustrated by the very talented Elisa Fousteris, as I do not possess the capability of rendering the type of intricate seals within this work on my own with any degree of speed. I only designed the cover and tables, in this specific work.

128 pages.