The Final Literary Update of the 2010s!

Alright literary world.

The year (and the 2010s) is almost over, and because of travel I have not gotten any new editing done in a few days; that means it's time to wrap up the year and make a few happy announcements!

First: Paperback sales have continued to generally grow over the last couple of years and this gives a considerable incentive to continue editing pretty much on a permanent basis. Now that the idea of POD exists I can't see it ever disappearing even if Amazon were to go kaput tomorrow (unlikely.) This is great for the self published.

Second: The virtually inexhaustible amount of material available for editing is limited almost solely by copyright, not by actual mass of work. Over the coming decade, virtually all of the good latter day works of Theosophy and post-Victorian occultism will become public domain works; latter day Hall, Steiner, etc, along with a host of 1930s era works in the lead up to the apocalyptic, sometimes sci-fi themed, UFO-tainted works post Wing Anderson with the Second World War and rise of the Atomic era. I am extremely excited for the next twenty or so years- I figure I should have 500 or more works easily available over the course of the next decade alone and as many as a thousand in the subsequent one if things go well. That would be a massive library of works.

Third: I am (finally) going to get back to a bit of my own writing- I have a couple rough ideas already for short works but I want to re-edit my main longer works and release sequels to several of them.

Happy New Year!