The Chaldean Account of the Deluge: Now Available!

This short tract is an interesting primary source that led directly to the writing of Smith's longer "Chaldean account of Genesis." An archaeologist in the late 1800s, Smith was instrumental in some of the digs at Ninevah and elsewhere and was apparently self taught in cuneiform translation.

While this treatise, which translates what would become part of the Epic of Gilgamesh, was well received and widely read in its era, today only archaeology students tend to refer to it at all; which is sad since Smith could easily be given credit for helping to usher in the age of Victorian occultism- the Genesis-Gilgamesh overlay in his work is of such great importance in leading to what would become the Blavatsky-style spiritualism, scientific secularism, and (sometimes inaccurate) speculation of latter days on ancient man, that Smith deserves a spot in the spiritual hierarchy not even a step below Crowley or Paracelsus.

33 pages.