Second Update: Turba Philosophorum Complete, SIH, More

It is an exciting time of year and Halloween is getting closer by the day- the slow decline of my garden and the beginning of changing color on the leaves of the trees is a fine thing to behold. It looks like this year, unlike last, I will have achieved my three main goals at least two weeks before that special spooky day; namely, the release of Sickness in Hell, the release of the Greater Key of Solomon, and the release of the Book of Forbidden Knowledge.

Sickness in Hell is now almost half complete- I topped off the eighth chapter today and developed an expanded, better plot for the ninth, which would have contained material from the 11th, 12th, and 13th chapters of the original manuscripts. I can now guarantee that this work will be done by late September unless I fall into a coma or off a cliff.

The Greater Key is going well, and I have compiled about a third of the material itself into proper form without editing anything beyond the introduction just yet. Once it's all in a good format and I get an idea of the length I can begin editing. I hope to have it done by the first week of October.

The Book of Forbidden Knowledge I haven't worked on in three days but no worries; it's far shorter than these other works.

In the meantime I have finished the Turba Philosophorum; which is probably as popular and important as the Rosarium Philosophorum and Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine. I've also formatted the Aurifontina Chymica although I have not begun editing it. For the time being I have stalled out on the Secret Book of the Black Arts although I hope to have this done in November at latest. As for Letters of Demonology and Witchcraft, it is a substantial work of about 300 pages so that will be a long time coming; maybe early 2017. I have work to do on Cultus Arborum as well.