Ophiolatreia: Now Available!

This is one of the most anticipated works I have released; perhaps the most well known of the late 1800s printings attributed to (but not proven to be from) Hargrave at the time; it is a fine compilation of lore related to serpent worship and serpentine imagery.

Relating tales and anecdotal observations from dozens of sources and fixating especially on serpentine images in Mesoamerican and Indian culture (Hinduism specifically) this work also contains a lengthy segment on the mound building civilizations of the North American continent related to snake shaped mounds and more; this is likely to be of extreme interest to those on the so-called fringe of archeology seeking to validate their own theories on the subject.

Intertwined directly with phallism, it also covers the Druid tradition, Egyptology, ancient Rome and Greece and cults there, and spans several thousand years of human history. An excellent work for the occultist and academic alike.

132 pages.