New Years General Update!

Alright literary world- it's no longer 2020 (most of you are probably deeply thankful for that!) so it's time for a general update laying out some of my literary plans for the new year.

The most important new update I have to give is that because I finished my five occult compilations ahead of schedule I am steaming ahead on my occult reference project; this book of books, of sorts, will list hundreds of significant occult works on a dozen different sub-topics. Each entry will include the author, title, date of manufacture, and a few sentences summarizing the content. The reader can use this as a springboard to find works, either copyright-free digital copies, or paperbacks. I have omitted my own editions from the text and will only add a brief section at the end for my five occult compilations.

I am not sure when to expect completing this work; I have a large list of sources for the volumes I am adding, and some sections will be considerably longer than others- I have only listed fifteen works within astrology, but I've already added twenty for herbal and folk medicine, and I am less than halfway through one of my two source lists.

When this is done I plan to return to editing singular works, and release another hundred edited works- the great struggle for preserving occult literature continues!

Here's to the new year!