Nature Worship: Now Available!

This exciting work, from the same series as Cultus Arborum and Ophiolatreia, is yet another look at the phallic faith by (possibly) Hargrave speaking to us from the late 1800s British Empire. This particular text is a bit more lurid and licentious than the others, and delves deeper, relatively, into sexual worship, the Maharaja, the sacred harlots and call women of ancient times, and so forth. Strangely, the worship of actual nature here appears to be an allusion to human, rather than floral, nature.

That hardly denigrates from its massive depth; it manages to compress enough academic material into its anecdotes and antiquated spiritual tales to fill a text several times its length. Altogether an extremely interesting read as well for those interested in the sacred sexual, the sacred feminine, or the Left Hand Path in general.

136 pages.