Napoleon's Oraculum - Now Available!

At long last one of the best writings ever made on the topic of fortune telling and divination is available. Having reviewed other variants of the work available for sale, they are all substantially more expensive and most are primitive facsimiles. My works are never facsimile copies and are always fully edited by hand. I'd by lying if I said I didn't feel proud of this slower, more thorough effort.

The Oraculum stands at 76 pages; some variants are longer because they're mostly filler or else contain the longer but less varied Oraculum of the 1890s- the latter version does not contain most of the vaguely folk-tradition spells and rites of this version. The 1884 Tousey version is also notable for its expansive section on dream interpretation; I happen to agree with most of his inclusions here over those made by new age groups and posted on the internet- his version of interpretation, whatever its source, is more authentic.

It's a fine work, made finer by being completely overhauled for a modern audience.