Napoleon's Oraculum - Coming Soon! (Plus General Announcement)

It's a happy day for those interested in fortune telling, zodiacs, astrology, and general mysticism. One of the best works ever to be crafted that deals with these things (with a surprisingly massive number of types of fortune telling included within its pages) is now virtually done- I have completed my edition of the famous Oraculum of Napoleon; also called the Dream Book, or Book of Fate. This work, released three times in three forms, is largely based on, but expands greatly upon, the Philosophical Merlin of 1822 English fame. Two of these editions provide an enormous oraculum (long enough so the resulting pages of fortunes run into symbols) with little else, but the American version from the 1880s adds in numerous sections of additional material; fortune telling and divination by cards, dice, dominoes, moles, and the standard Zodiac as well. Thus, it was this edition I chose, with its simplified, shorter actual Oraculum section.

The main sheet of the oraculum.

The Oraculum is 76 pages in length, about half of which is the Oraculum itself, the rest being dedicated to other variants of divination. A very brief half page section on the day of the week a child is born and what it prognosticates, present in the third but not the 1880s American edition, has been added in the notes for continuity as well.

In other, more general news, I have decided how to organize this blog; instead of adding links to each discrete work I have produced (there are too many to add to make the blog still look good) I have decided to break the works into four groups; alchemical works, grimoires, philosophical works, and miscellaneous works in their own fourth category. Thus, four new links will be added to the left hand side of the blog below the video series' own links, and posts will be made collecting the works in each category and briefly summarizing them as in my previous general post of edited works for sale. In this manner, navigation will be substantially improved.