Mystic Will: Now Available!

Charles Leland (who is notable for his most famous work, Aradia, and for some other significant folkloric work especially in Italy) wrote this work under a different title originally but ended up creating this variant (which was published posthumously) for an American audience. It is quite good, and fuses a bit of fairies and folklore in with its essentially psychological content which revolves around willpower and mindfulness practices to improve the mentality of the reader.

Much of this basic content is of mainstream acceptance (such as the topical use of hypnosis, "thinking positively" and such) while some of its larger claims (for example healing diseases by mere thought) are a bit more "out there." It contains as well a section on Paracelsus and sprinkles poetry and prose throughout to illustrate its points. Altogether well made and quite interesting- a fine 200th edition indeed.

123 pages.