Morbid Stories: Second Edition, Now Available!

At long (long) last it is finally here- the ultimate perverted, degenerating collection of stories which will rot your soul into a pile of dust and reduce you to nothing more than a grinning lunatic. Well beyond the typical fare of (already very good) splatterpunk, Morbid Stories delves far more fully into the Satanic and insane. If you enjoy the extreme of extreme horror, or anything related to it, this is the literature for you.

I'd be lying if I claimed I didn't enjoy writing these entries, and wasn't laughing like a maniac quite frequently when I did so.

In keeping with the spirit of splatterpunk, I illustrated the chapter headings but left the illustrations in rough form. You will never look at Satan (or Hell) the same way again once you have read this book.

338 pages.