Literary Update

It's been two weeks since the last general update- thank goodness I made it that long without making one of these important-but-oft-repetetive posts!

The first happy point to make here is that "Nature Worship" is complete and being processed as we speak; this edition is like other purported Hargrave/ privately printed releases from the same set in the 1890s; it dwells mostly on mythology re; Hinduism as well as tales of lurid and sometimes depraved sexual rites from ancient Greece, the Hebraic culture, Babylon, and India at large among the Maharaja and others. It's more rooted in actual mythological and spiritual texts than the other works thus far; while "Archaic Rock Inscriptions" was largely archaeological, and while "Phallism" was largely then-modern or nearly modern anecdotes, this work relies heavily on ancient manuscripts.

The second update is that Sickness in Hell is almost complete; I have three chapters now left to craft, and the story is winding down towards its apocalyptic conclusion. I expect to finish it in the first week of October. It's going to be slightly longer than I anticipated.

The third is that I have decided to focus on the last three of the Phallic works for October and if there's time get to a few new alchemical works before settling in for the Lemegeton and a couple of shorter manuscripts of my own composition I wish to release.