Herbal and Homeopathic Works: New Category Forthcoming

I am pleased to say I finally obtained enough material to begin rendering a series of works to print which will culminate in an entirely new category of literature which, after they are edited, will be listed on this blog; specifically, herbals, homeopathy, and similar works related to folk medicine and similar topics. Some of the titles are hereby listed:

Weeds Used in Medicine (1917)- An interesting and partly illustrated basic herbal.
South Sea Herbal (1715)- A short herbal with many illustrations.
The Treatment of Disease (1886)- An early scientific medical tract.
A Brief Treatise on Various Ailments (1890)- A list of diseases and their herbal remedies.
The Canadian Herbal (1851)- A longer medical tract with various remedies.
Dr Chases' Recipes (1866)- Remedies, herbs, quack medicine, and other material.
Occult Science in Medicine (1893)- Alchemy, astronomy, medicine, and more.
On Snake Bites and their Antidotes (1862)- An article on the obvious from the transactions of the philosophical society of New South Wales.

There are a half dozen other, much longer, works as well that I have acquired for release.