Gunpowder As A War Remedy: Now Available!

This little work is straightly a homeopathic one- the claims here made by Clarke range from the probably true to the likely false; while ingesting gunpowder in solution may have enough chemical action to be of help for some ailments (and using it to sterilize a wound makes sense since it contains both nitrate and sulfur) it is not entirely clear that his claim of the same solutions curing exposure to sewer gas (hydrogen sulfide) and the aftereffects has any significant credibility.

Written and published during the First World War, Clarke also claims here that a large amount of his medicine was sent to the trenches- whether this helped with the various ailments there at the time is perhaps still a mystery.

For those who wish to see a digitized scan of this work (for free) I have already scanned my own copy into the occult archive and you can click here to download it. While I (begrudgingly) offer Kindle releases of my editions now, I honestly prefer the old style of simply free scanned pdfs of older works and if people wish to patronize my work I prefer they purchase physical copies of the same. Until the fourth herbal/homeopathic work is complete this edition will be linked under the Academic heading.

24 pages.