General Update Time: The End of 2016 Is Nigh!

2016 has been a strange year; political and social upheaval everywhere, even weird weather, and more synchronicity than can remotely be fathomed by even those of us who have studied the occult for some length of time. For me, it has been a massive success; everything I am doing is far, far ahead of where I anticipated it being even under the most optimistic scenarios.

Before 2016 keels over and gives birth to what I imagine will be a nearly-as-strange 2017 (I envision it will be a lot like 1980, stay tuned) there is one final stretch of work to be accomplished, and it is nearly done now.

I have mentioned before that I will be creating a new category of literary work here for titles related to herbalism, homeopathy, and quack medicine; "Magic Plants", "The Witches Pharmacopoeia", and "Gunpowder as a War Remedy" are already done, meaning one more work is necessary to make it a proper category of its own; I am, at the moment, half done with the roughly 125 page "Primitive Physick" which seems to be massively overpriced on Amazon by those selling editions of the same. If time allows, I will also be releasing, as stated before, the South Sea Herbal, but I wanted a longer and more substantial work (The latter is only about 30 pages) to go into the category with the shorter manuscripts. It's still within the realm of possibility that I have time to release "Weeds as Medicine" but I do not anticipate that until early January.

In 2017 I plan to branch out into several other categories of work also, and finally release Morbid Stories II, Sickness in Hell II, and other works.