General Update Time! New Works in Progress, etc

It hasn't quite been two weeks but I figure shaving a couple days off won't hurt anyone.

The first news to report is a new work that will be ready tomorrow; the infamous "Stanzas of Dzyan" by Blavatsky, a short treatise she claimed was translated from Tibetan occult works which loosely relates to Buddhism. I decided to edit and release this manuscript not because of any support of Blavatsky (she was a fraud!) but because of the importance of some of her works in shaping pre-modern Victorian occultism. This facet of the spiritual history of that era can't be denied; indeed her works were powerful enough to begin influencing human reality even long after her death.

The second news is that I'm editing the strange, Atlantean-style "City of the Sun" by Tomasso; added to this will be another work by Baring-Gould on ghost lore, a new Leland work on Etruscan culture, and the last three Phallic works. I've obtained a few new alchemical manuscripts also, and a slew of new material on demonology which always seems to be popular, demonology being of course the one field that virtually all cultures agree is interesting within spiritual paths.

I am also going to begin writing part II of "Sickness in Hell" next week; I will give an estimate of its length and when it will be ready at some later date. I have to return to working on "Macabre Tales" as well.