General Update Time: 300 Editions, Time for Phase Three!

A happy announcement!

Now that the second phase of my great work is done (that of creating 300 different editions of occult literature to greatly enhance the availability of reasonably priced, properly formatted modern works of the type) it is time to move on to a smattering of important projects which I have amassed over time but had to perpetually hold off on til I had completed all of those works; namely, to produce a few authored editions and a half dozen or so collected works.

The former is simple; I have wanted to release a couple of intermediate-length works on semi-academic topics related to the works I have been releasing, for some time; the most important of these will be a sort of historical study of fortune telling and oracle systems, drawing both on the works I have edited and a half dozen or so additional works I have read but not yet completed. This will compare and contrast them and draw a sort of historical timeline about them. The second work I wish to make on the subject of alchemical literature.

I then intend to create Sickness in Hell II, a second volume of Morbid Stories, and a compiled grimoire, before moving on to, as I said, compilational works under single genres of occultism; these will contain extensive notes, expanded forewords, and be edited and reformatted into works which will comprise entire shorter works, collected together at an even lower price-per-work with substantial academic inclusions; what makes this exciting is that since I have already edited the works, this won't take too much time and the copyright issue is off the table because each component is already mine to use as I wish.