General Update: The Final Stretch And Amazon's Slow Processing Times

Alright everyone time for a new general update!

Editing by and large has been going about as normal, but you might have noticed a slowdown in actual work output... why?

Well the answer is simple; Amazon used to process files and give them their check for copyright etc within 72 hours of file uploads; at a maximum this meant a week to finalize everything because even if it got a copyright double-check, only another three days at most was needed, since it takes me at most five to ten minutes to respond to copyright queries, as I always keep links to the source files just in case of such a thing.

Now, 72 hours is less than the MINIMUM time it takes for the file to either be accepted or queried by Amazon; it's usually closer to five working days; in other words, a whole week. The book I posted here yesterday had taken no less than ten days to process and be allowed. Edition 280- "Christ or Buddha"- is as we speak still being reviewed, and will also take at least nine days total; it got a copyright query, thus at least doubling the review time.

While I can understand Amazon slowing down some of its services due to pandemic, I am still flabbergasted why all these large tech firms (Youtube and Facebook also) can't seem to keep pace with things using a remote workforce; moderation staff tend to be offshored anyways, and can work from home. Delivery times are so slow that paperback sales collapsed for several weeks (and have partly recovered now) necessitating I release a couple dozen new works on KDP to make ends meet; while this worked, it was a hassle.

In happier news I just got done with the 281st work so I am now in the final stretch of completing the third and final mandatory part of my extremely long term literary crusade. Once I hit the 300th edited work, I intend to take some time just to organize files and even longer-term projects both authored and edited, because after that I can take it a bit more easy. I also want to compile works within occult subgenres to provide collected critical editions with more notes, fleshed out bibliographic material, and commentary.