General Update (Last One for a While, I Promise!)

I know these updates can get a little repetitive so I will try to do at most one every two weeks just to let some of my more avid supporters know what's coming down the pipeline. This time though I couldn't wait any longer; too many exciting things are afoot!

I have increased, drastically, my work rate lately; I just feel more ambitious and driven, and the slightly cooler weather is giving me a case of the "need to do everything before winter"s. With both Ophiolatreia and Phallism done, I have begun to edit the Book of Forbidden Knowledge again; in fact, I'm a third done with it. This will be a good release; think of a late Victorian edition of the Petit Albert with British and American influence and some post-1800s fortune telling thrown in. Indeed, it's really a grimoire more than a typical occult manual from the era; it even has some talismans in it.

The Greater Key of Solomon is now 90% complete; I am waiting on my artist for the illustration plates- 15 of them in total- once those are put in all that remains is the cover art and it's ready; it's going to be a formidable addition to my catalog, I predict.

Having collected all of the texts released (possibly by Hargrave) in the late 1800s associated with Ophiolatreia et al, I have decided to release as many of them as I can before Yule; probably all of them, as well as a few other works such as the Secret Book of Black Art (not Cavendish' work) which is a combination of simple divination, illusion, mesmerism, and tricks with dice, cards, dominoes, and slips of paper.

I hope to release the Lemegeton as well before the year is out.