General Update: Greater Key, Sickness in Hell, Phallism, More

It's time for another brief update, brief because I am still largely working on aforementioned texts.

The Greater Key of Solomon, Mathers' lighter, perhaps more then-culturally acceptable counterpart to the Lemegeton, is entering the final stage of editing; tomorrow I expect to complete this task and proofread it, probably in its entirety, before moving on to the illustrations. It is possible that to speed up the work and provide absolutely original illustrations, I will simply render, in far better quality, the original artwork in the first edition- this would shave a good week off the entire process and allow me to work at other endeavors while retaining the intent of the various seals, talismans, and such of the original copy.

As soon as the Greater Key is done work will begin on the Lemegeton; the most infamous of all magickal texts, bar none.

"Phallism" is coming along nicely; it is now definite that this and Ophiolatreia will both be available before Halloween.

I have gone back to writing on SIH having determined the course of the important 11th through 13th chapters- I completed half of chapter 11 today, and over the next two weeks the bulk of the rest of the story will be complete, after which the last three chapters wind down slowly as the segue into its eventual sequel is performed.

I have several alchemical works to edit also; and another fortune telling manuscript, this one twice as long as the Oraculum and far more in depth than any other; Wehman's "Witches Dream Book" from 1885. This work combines an expanded dream interpretation section with a tract on physiognomy largely adapted from the Secretum Secretorum, and then adds astrology, palmistry, some card-and-dice content from the Oraculum, Talismanic works adapted from the Black Pullet (a crossover that is echoed in the Book of Forbidden Arts) and adds tea leaf reading in brief along with a new "sybil" called the leaves of destiny using numbered slips of paper. This work, as far as my review of it so far, is both more deep and superior to even the Oraculum itself.