General Update: Forthcoming Works

Several works have to be mentioned here, and as such it made more sense to make a general literary update rather than individual posts for works.

The first announcement is that I have begun editing and reformatting Morbid Stories for a new release. The original had a somewhat outdated format and suffered from that, and I'm conducting a second proofreading as well, for the few grammatical errors which existed therein. This second edition will contain at least some new content also but is already full length.

The second is of course the second edition of The Occult Basis of ASMR which is coming through- I have already edited the work but have been temporarily holding off on the cover art and its release to edit Morbid Stories.

The third is long-awaited by some; at long last I feel it's time to compile, edit, and rewrite Sickness in Hell into what it was always meant to be; anyone who enjoys Morbid Stories will want to get this work- for it is the crude predecessor to the same. For those not already aware, I began writing Sickness in 2007 when I was still in High School, but never completed it- it was roughly arranged into chapters, which skipped around a bit and contained mostly a mix of humorous and exceptionally violent material related to one Germaine Woodsworth and other characters who were mutated by corporate food products and ended up making a pact with Satan among other things. I won't reveal too much of the plot now since it's still malleable. The basic concept, though, is already done and was by 2009 when I switched to the shorter, less structured morbid stories I had written.

The fourth and final announcement is that I intend to translate, edit, and release a version of the infamous grimoire of St. Germaine, the Trinosophia, by July.