General Update: Five Works Coming Down Fast

In happy news, I spent the last couple of days (due to excessive heat) not wanting to do any harder literary work, and as such I preferred to complete a short alchemical text (which will be available later this very same day) and to format three works in addition to the two edited herbals awaiting their artwork- when the artwork will be done I am not 100% sure, but I've seen the progress and it's coming along nicely.

To these other works (which I have already listed) will soon be joined "The Book of Halloween" by Ruth Edna Kelley- an interesting historical treatment of the various traditions involved on that special spooky day. I skimmed through a couple of the sections and was happy to see that it speaks of multiple cultures.

Secondly, "Aryan Sun Myths" by Nims and Knight- this work fits in with the time period well, and speaks of the solar origin of caucasoid religious forms. As with many such texts, the subject matter is taboo; all that much better, it means a lot of people aren't willing to release such works (even if they predate the second world war.)

Third, "The Divining Rod" by Charles Latimer; a sort of folkloric look at that general topic.

Obviously this amount of work necessitates delaying a few of the other works I've planned on editing; the Asuri Kalpa for example has been shelved now for four months!