General Update: April Break/ Upcoming Works

Thanks to my new illustrating system it's somewhat easier to create substantially better-quality illustrations for my works and as such it should be fairly simple to re-edit a couple of the older works I've released and bring the illustrations there up to my new standards. I took a look at the Grimorium Verum and determined that its own images were actually fine, which surprised me because for some reason I remembered one of them being crooked, as in, the hand drawn, scanned and digitized image seemed slightly "off" to me. Somehow, it was my eyes playing tricks on me.

Going forward into April I'll be taking a week or two off at that time to relax and will be doing very little work; I have my own (fortunate and happy) things going on at that time and it's about time to take a quick breather so I can get back into editing and writing mode for the summer.

Before this happens I intend to edit and release the Fourth Book of Agrippa; I've already reformatted and half-edited my way through it (it's not a very long work) and merely need to illustrate it thereafter. Once that's done, I have to re-edit and re-release two slightly poorer-format editions I created fairly early on in my editing streak, and I should probably retitle the Enchiridion, since it's apparently better known as the grimoire of Pope Leo, not the enchiridion, it therefore makes sense to switch the title and subtitle for better overall attention from the occult-buying literary audience. If I have time to do so, I want to release an edition of the middle-length Clavicles of Solomon as well. This will require far more extensive artwork so it may take a while.

After my quick April break it's onward to a slew of new releases; several by Hollandus, the three (true) books of Agrippa, the five books of the Lesser Keys (individually, I plan a complete critical edition some time thereafter), and an extremely interesting book called Napoleon's Oraculum. This fortune telling system is similar to the Philosophical Merlin, the latter probably being partly based on the same.

I intend to also re-edit Fruits of Eden; I was satisfied with the final result as apparently were others but I'd like to redesign the interior format of the images. I have ideas for many fiction and nonfiction works also in my head waiting to be written.