Fruits of Eden, Herbalism and the Occult: Coming Soon

Corn; more occult than generally understood

I am happy to announce that as of yesterday the final editing and proofreading of Fruits of Eden was completed; it would have been done nigh on a year ago if I had thought to craft my own final version at the time, but the now defunct publisher hadn't yet gotten sketchy, so I went with the flow and suffered the consequences.

Illustrating has begun now as well; a few of the images are converted photographs and are thus "done" already; the rest have to be done by hand; about 70 illustrations total, of which the first 13 are now complete. These are primarily sketches of species mentioned in the four encyclopedic sections but also include garden design, illustrations of the simplistic aspects of making paper and ink, as well as incense and smudges, and the process of making charcoal for a soil amendment or as the base for homemade incense itself.

My artistic abilities are not as good as those of a professional illustrator and the end result will not be as refined as I had hoped; however they do serve the proper purpose and those I have shown them to are generally positive about my skills (more than I tend to be- perhaps I'm just too hard on myself.)

I anticipate that it will be complete by the middle of this month of October, but at the latest it will be available around Halloween, unless I should fall into a coma or get crushed by a freak asteroid impact- and I hope those who anticipated the work will purchase it (on Amazon, no more publisher nonsense.)