Forthcoming Occult Titles

Over the course of the coming months, presumably before spring has sprung and I can once again occupy myself with a bit of work outdoors, I plan to release a slew of new occult titles, within the same general scope as the edited works I have already released; with "Sonic Occultism" now done and awaiting its final edit and cover art, and with another fairly short work I plan to release in December or January underway, the time is ripe for stage two of the occult manuscripts I need to release editions of. I will summarize them here briefly.

Grimorium Verum

A long-ish grimoire (compared to most similar works) dwelling largely on black magick more diabolical than even the Red Dragon and probably the result of an occultist familiar with the latter. It claims to date to the 15th century but is almost certainly of 18th century manufacture. I finally obtained the old english translation needed to release it, after not being able to find it for some time.

The Picatrix

Many are familiar with the Warnock translation of this text but as far as I can tell some of the content there is fancy; I possessed an older version some time ago, as I did the Grimorium Verum, before a computer crash destroyed the files, and was unable to re-obtain it similarly. This mixture of magick dwells on what we would generally term alchemy, the talismanic arts, and some black magick as well as white magick in standard form. It is one of the more important occult works of the world, nonetheless only generally available in potentially flawed form.

The Grimoire of Turiel (Or Secret Grimoire of Turiel)

A rather odd work which may largely plagiarize Waite but which shows enough differences to be re-edited into a properly understood work. It contains a series of prayers, sigils, and benedictions. I may or may not choose to release this due to its controversial nature and potential legal gray-area status as a copyrighted work.

Sepher Raziel

Similar to the Sepher Yetzirah and Sepher Bahir in being gnostic-influenced Hebraic magick of a sort. It is more philosophy than spellwork, but is still philosophically valuable for those on a kabbalists' or gnostic path.

Aradia: The Witches' Gospel

A sort of Victorian era work of slightly dubious nature that nonetheless must of necessity be included in any comprehensive release of magickal content. It heavily influenced latter-day wicca. The work is fortuitously out of copyright due to an apparent public domain placement some time ago.