Enchiridion of Pope Leo III: The Grimoire of Pope Leo

Somehow I managed to complete the Enchiridion of Pope Leo III without actually posting here about it being done; I have no idea how I overlooked it- perhaps I was drinking a bit of wine when I finished uploading it. I could have sworn I posted an entry but was wrong.

The work itself is quite good; I refined the original illustrations here because they were nowhere present in a quality high enough for use- in some places this meant largely remaking them digitally- easier, arguably, than my prior methods.

The content is largely talismanic after a sort, based upon the use of certain prayers combined with pentacles crafted for wearing, for various results; mostly protective. Strangely, though, the Enchiridion (at least this version) also contains, at the end, a literal rite for summoning Satan, renouncing allegiance to Christ, and binding oneself to the Devil in the most literal of manners. I have read several versions of this grimoire and the Satanic pact appears to be original to the oldest variant, with most newer variants omitting it (possibly due to the fact that such a passage is utterly out of place when compared with the angelic material of the rest of the work which has more in common with the Almadel than with devilish works.) I chose to retain this rite, however, both because it is interesting to me and likely to be so to the reader.

It's quite a good work overall.

44 pages.