Double Steam Ahead: A New Slew of Releases

Adversity and stress just makes me work even harder whenever I am able. The situation I spoke of before is specifically the death of my grandfather. He taught me how to grow things, and thus I owe a lot of my herbal knowledge to him. There are thus obviously things to attend to; a funeral, and estate nonsense that should be cut and dry but isn't because of a relative-who-shall-remain-unnamed.

That being said in the last 48 hours I have worked feverishly and now several works have been completely overhauled. These following links are to Amazon. I have overhauled both the interior format and cover of all these works.

Categorizing the Occult

Occult Nature of God

Spirits of the Garden

I have also completed a work on occult memetics, which I promised to numerous people several months ago. It will be available by this evening. (Edit: Tomorrow evening- the trim was all sorts of messed up and had to be remade.) I have additionally obtained several dozen new works to edit and begun work on a political work which I think people will appreciate. As before; I will only be able to do any editing and writing between other, honestly more pressing things are taken care of, but I assure you an enormous load of literature will become available over the next few weeks regardless. Specifically, the possible future stress of dealing with lawyers and legalese encourages me to expand my catalog of work as quickly as possible, since it means more income.