Divine Inspiration: Now Available!

It's slightly difficult to classify this work since almost nothing is known about its author (save his authorship herein) and because the content jumps from sub-topic to sub-topic. Indeed, the numerous errors in spelling here make me think that the writer may himself have been only half-literate; not at all uncommon in the early 1900s and entirely forgivable since the work is interesting.

It proclaims the coming end times (importantly, it was written in the era of WWI) and speaks at length on some moral topics- claiming angelic inspiration and speaking briefly on several points of the authors' life. This self-styled seer was, he claims, told by angels that the future era would eventually be marked by a holy and benevolent female rulership (of the 'meek') which would bring forth an enlightened world. While it speaks of psychic work it is strictly pseudo-christian in format. Altogether well worth a read.

81 pages.