De Septem Secundeis: Now Available!

Based on what I've read of Trithemius' work, he deserves to be celebrated far more than most may give him credit for. Known predominantly for Steganographia he also penned two other works of note; the Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals (which I intend to edit and release) and this work, De Septem Secundeis which is an almost stereotypically Da-Vinci style prophetic work of sorts made long ago in order to note the past and draw conclusions about what was then the future (now, though, this era is also past.) A small amount of effort allows the reader to apply the same angelic system and its predictive capabilities to any era, including the modern one, as I speak of in the foreword itself.

At forty pages, it is a relatively short work, but exceptionally dense, covering several thousand years of human history and numerous changes of governance and borders.