Cultus Arborum: Now Available!

Cultus Arborum is one of the most important works within the span of the more anthropological side of the occult, spiritual, and mystic. Written in 1890, it was created along with works specifically on serpent worship and phallic worship at the time. The Cultus is, of course, about tree worship within a number of cultural contexts.

The content here is dense and quite good; some studies of magickal and spiritual lore predominantly focus just on one culture or one time period, but the Cultus focuses on two thousand years of history, drags in hundreds of outside sources, and ranges from Egyptian, to Greek, to Norse, to English, to Indian and Tibetan material revolving around tree worship and stories of the same in one form or another. Needless to say, because it speaks primarily of plants, this is one of the most interesting works (to me) that I have edited.

120 pages.