Coming Soon: English Edition of the Petit Albert

The Petit Albert (the Little Albert, in short) is the foremost text within the French cycle of grimoires; one part talismanic art, one part herbal and folk magick, and one part philosophical text, it derives heavily from Paracelsus- or rather Paracelsus as envisioned by occultists of the era. Most often found in its original French, the only english edition I've been able to track down is a sort of limited edition version, along with a pdf supposedly translated to English which I didn't bother to pay for to see if it was any good. There is also a sort of seemingly jerry-rigged edition compiling some of its material for "The Spellbook of Marie Laveau" which may or may not be a serious attempt at translation. Linking this legendary figure with an enlightenment era text from France, I assume, is merely a function of the French infused Louisiana tradition of her own age.

As such, and because I'm tolerably good with the French language (in writing and reading it, anyways; speak to me in French and I'll understand at best half your words) I have begun translating the text myself from one of the older editions in the original language. Strangely, of the three versions I considered, they all appear to show differences from one another; I have to assume that other French cycle works were variously intermixed with the same, and there is also the Grand Albert of similar origin which I also need to have a look at eventually.

I'm editing as I translate, which is no small task, but I've made considerable progress already; after illustrating it I may also annotate the entire work, since even after translation there are numerous terms (often also found in alchemical manuscripts) which the reader may need a further explanation of. The work is at least as diabolical as the Grand Grimoire, and possibly moreso, on par with the infamous Grimorium Verum as to its strange, sometimes dangerous content (including cooking mercury and obtaining the blood of bats, boiled frogs, and other living things.) For most of the occult works I made a standard disclaimer suffices but any time someone tells you to turn henbane seeds into incense or to make potions with cat blood something more significant is likely necessary.

I have not chosen its format yet so I can't give an estimation of its page number but I can say it's a longer work than most other grimoires.