Clavicles of Solomon: Now Available!

At long last one of the most important grimoires has been edited and is now available for purchase- the famous Clavicula Salomonis.

The problem with such a text is clear; multiple manuscripts with similar content compete for the same title, including conflated works and variants of older versions. I chose to stick with just one of these original manuscripts, although I do intend to include content from Sloane 3847 in a future release which will be longer and more "complete" in the sense of containing work within the same general tradition. This latter manuscript, of course, is labeled "The Clavicle of Solomon as revealed by Ptolemy the Grecian."

The work's content is part based on symbols and pentacles and partly invocation- the latter is primarily a series of conjurations and commands aimed at spirits to cause them to do the bidding of the master- the term used here for the conjurer or sorcerer himself. It is only partially diabolical, much of the content being designed not to work evil spells but to prevent harm to the master while conjuring.

54 pages.