Christian Science, Medicine, and Occultism: Now Available!

This little booklet is the result of the famous Albert Moll, whose forays into debunking spiritual things are of greater interest than his more mainstream content (including major contributions to the study of gender.)

It is interesting that here, while he casts a disdainful eye over the topic of the occult at large, he accepts that some of its content is legitimate at least insofar as healing can take place as the result of mesmerism misclassified- we today call this the "placebo effect." Much of the content here is about Christian Science; which persists in minor form today as a loose collective of groups which engage in faith healing. While it is usually a mild form of quackery, even modern medicine states that in some cases if can be efficacious because the underlying problem is mental, and not caused by injury, infection, etc.

38 pages.