Black Magic and Spirits: Now Available!


This work is the culmination of years of delving into the diabolical; a collection of some of the most black of black magic, often well beyond merely summoning spirits and commanding them. This is the last work of 2020, and a fitting end to such a bizarre year. The following works are included:

-The Ars Goetia; a list of 72 demons and how to summon them.
-The Grand Grimoire: an infamous work conjuring Lucifuge Rofocale and other spirits.
-The Clavicles of Solomon: Mostly gray magic summoning.
-The Black Pullet: A lengthy story twain with a series of talismans used for various purposes.
-The Grimoire of Pope Honorius: A white magic work summoning spirits.
-The Grimorium Verum: A decidedly diabolical work that includes a ritual using a human head.
-The Petit Albert: A part of the infamous French grimoire which includes the hand of glory among other things.

393 pages.