Aradia: Gospel of the Witches Edition Update

In the next couple of days, I'll be posting about Charles Leland's famous "Aradia"- a half-secular, half-theological manuscript he produced in the very twilight of the 1800s regarding folk religion in Tuscany- a literal sect of witches.

The material is already live but I've learned that with many manuscripts (including those of quite literally ancient origin) Createspace is a stickler for copyright and will often force the uploader to prove that the material in question was out of copyright to begin with or was authorized. The Aradia is no longer in copyright (as listed in numerous sources) but I anticipate, in the next 48 hours, an automatic hold to be issued. As such, to avoid frustration, I'll wait until then to link it here.

My next works through the end of February are the Liber Salomonis, two short works by Hollandus, and reworkings of the Black Pullet and Testament of Solomon for cover and internal art and formatting. I also wish to release a second edition of my booklet on ASMR (I have compiled a great deal of new material and intend to illustrate it also) and work on texts regarding politics, Luciferian philosophy, ethics, transhumanism, and other topics.

The remaking of Morbid Stories and the long-awaited second compilation of the same will also be in the pipeline this year, along with "Sickness in Hell" the infamous work that started it all. I've outlined a novel too.

As you can tell I'm quite busy. New ideas and manuscripts pile up faster than I can reasonably process them.