Apologies for the Hours-Long Image Issue: Photobucket Has Lost Their Minds

You may have noticed that the side images linking to the literary categories were messed up for half the day- thankfully I noticed this during my usual nightly "check the blog out of habit" run. Photobucket's geniuses of marketing have decided to charge money for third party embedding. Now, the idea of paying a few bucks to use a site for embedding wouldn't be a problem- sounds reasonable, hosting all that stuff costs money. As I clicked through to solve the problem by paying my due, I figured they had set up one of those sliding scale style services where the handful of images I have there would cost a few bucks a month at most- after all, photobucket would never consider extorting large sums from people who only use the site on rare occasions, unless they have a hell of a lot stored there, right?

399 bucks a year. 30 bucks for each image I actually need to embed.

Let me ask you this, photobucket staff- are you nuts? Did you take crack recently? You know how many red bulls I can drink with 399 dollars? Funnier still; I could pay for your third party embedding scam, but, why do that when I can just use another site altogether?

Any business owners, bloggers, etc, who require embedding can simply use this site, among others- you don't have to pay a cent, you can embed freely, and you don't need to register jack shit.