An Occult Reference: Now Available!


This little work is the ultimate culmination of years and years of editing and studying occult works of literature. It is short, but crams hundreds of entries in for the purposes of serious students of the occult, as a springboard I was not privy to, in their studies on every major subgenre of the world of the paranormal, spiritual, and occult. Each entry lists the author (last name first) plus the title and year, so that the occultist, or anyone studying its subtopics, can easily look the same up on the internet for research purposes. I have avoided using my own editions, for while I prefer paperbacks, and I am always glad to provide properly formatted editions of the same to people, it is possible to obtain original scans for free- the limitations being they are often in poor condition and are not a tangible object you can place on a shelf.

I have included astrology, alchemy, demonology, folk medicine, religious history, and much more in this little volume, taking several months to ensure only the best and most relevant titles were included.

50 pages.