A Slew of New Work

Coming soon: Johannes Trithemius' "The Art of Drawing Spirits Into Crystals"- a sort of short-ish grimoire and similar in infamy and length to De Septum Secundeis- these two works form the twin counterparts to the Steganographia and never obtained the level of fame of this much longer, Latinized work. I have already fully edited this manuscript and it will be released in two days.

In addition to this July release, I am looking forward to another double release; the Universal Fortune Teller, an 1860 work similar to the Oraculum, and a work on mesmerism and hypnotism of note from the 1930s which I scanned from my very own collection.

In addition to these two notable works of paranormal Americana, I want to begin the Nigromancia as soon as possible due to its fame, alongside beginning Sickness in Hell; it needs to take rough form before October, which is for obvious reasons the best month for editing works of darkness.