A Call for Help on Amazon

Whether because they have shifted (hopefully temporarily) their algorithms on site related to search, or because of some sort of direct suppression of my content in the same, my paperback sales on Amazon collapsed on the 10th of January, with an over 50% reduction in total output. Digital sales have not seemingly been affected. This indicates a high chance of the former; Amazon has altered its algorithms for some search terms and some of my works have been buried beneath competitors which are more expensive, as Amazon prioritizes cash flow.

Sometimes you will have random days where sales drop precipitously, but never for three days running. Something is afoot. When things are afoot I don't get upset, I look for solutions.

Since Amazons algorithms are in part based on the ratings and reviews present on works, at this time, I ask everyone who has purchased any of my works to leave an honest rating and if possible a short review of the work. Kindly note (I'm talking to you, KDP staff!) I am not asking for fake reviews or for anyone to game the system; only those who have actually purchased my works, to take a few minutes to help out an entirely independent creator who has released over 260 distinct works on Amazon thus far.

To be clear this hurdle will not stop me from continuing the work of releasing more books- but it might cause me to look into additional literary avenues. As always, a main-line tech firms' own decisions hazard the loyalty of its creator base; Amazon has always had my support in part because it was so irreplaceable- but as we all know, profitability is a big basis for that determination. For me, even more, it is a spiritual quest to protect and expand occult knowledge.